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                                                 Alan Kulas Reid // AKR

             Alan is a London Based Freelance Music Composer and Sound Designer for Television, Film and Media.                    


Behind the Music //

      A contemporary composer producing intelligently crafted music tailored precisely for a variety

of different narratives and scenarios.         

 Beautifully arranged scores serving to enhance the experience of moving picture, from unobtrusive, 

atmospheric music with sound design, to in your face explosive,

attention-grabbing melodies, serving to create memorable branding. 



AKR // Short Bio


  Alan is a multi-instrumentalist professionally trained in music and sound production. Possessing a deep understanding for many genres of music gives him the unique ability to blend skilfully music composition with moving picture. Having also developed a keen interest in the movies from an early age, he understands how critical it is to find the right audio for the right visual. AKR's passion extends to staying in touch with current music trends and its technologies.

  Significant Influences //


 Saint-Saens, Morricone, Pink Floyd, Zimmer, Newman, Reznor

   Enjoy the music //

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